TV Host,
Award Winning Author,
Inspirational Speaker,
Love, Passion, Purpose
& Persuasion Coach

Multi Talented With Authenticity & Integrity

Not fitting into the one-box mindset that the world dictates,
Jayc Ryder has always wanted to live his life in harmony and connection.

Yet society, family, friends, partners, employers never saw that perspective.
They all wanted Jayc to conform, to live, work, love their way.

To benefit them, Jayc would have to be their servant, their provider, the voice of their conscience, their business coach, spiritual coach, well-being adviser and inspirational guide.

He could not continue to be what everyone else wanted. He could not live like that any longer. Then in September 2015 with an emergency situation he did not live at all.... 

After a Near Death Experience, with a Direct Angelic Message a decision was made.
Jayc Ryder dedicated his life to living his ultimate passion
with authenticity, integrity and action. 

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Jayc's Ultimate Passion

I Have A Personal Mission That Is A Major Driving Force.

It's My Reason For Getting Out Of Bed...


"My Life Purpose Is To Connect People To Their Hearts To Discover Love, Real, Passionate, Emotional Delicious Love.

So That The Impact Of It Transforms Their Life And That Of Everyone They Interact With." 


It Is More Than A Passion And Mission, Its Now My Life And I Want To Teach & Empower You To Connect To Your Heart, To Feel And Discover Love, Real, Passionate, Emotional Delicious Love.


The Formula For Love Because You Deserve It!

Clarity + Awareness Multiplied By The Secret Ingredients = L.O.V.E

This Is My Proprietary Formula That I Have Been Teaching & Coaching Clients On For Over 7 Years.

It Works When You Do The Work & I Can Guide You How.

It Works On Relationships, Business Ventures, Partnerships,
Family Interactions, Parenting & Children,
It Works For You, With You.

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& Discover How To Apply The Formula For Love To Your Life.

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Through Jayc's love of Public
and Professional Speaking,

Combined with Jayc's experience
Hosting Successful Television Shows,

Jayc will coach you, guide you,
educate and inform you

How to experience and live your life so
that passion and purpose has
real meaning and impact.

Your Smile, Your Passion,
Your Life Purpose. Your Life Of Love

Discover Your Passion And Purpose

Jayc Ryder Is Here Today

To assist Families, Business Owners, Employees, Professional Speakers, Authors,

Life & Business Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Social Media Influencers,

Mothers, Fathers, Children To Create Lives Where

Your Dreams Come True

You Deserve

To Live A Heart Felt Life

Where Your Passionately Guided Dreams.

Where Your Desires, Goals And Lifestyle

Come True Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!



Jayc Ryder


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Jayc's Blog

With regular contributions taking you on a journey into
the purpose and passion that life brings.  

Daily Connection 29 April 2017

By Jayc Ryder

Is a hug really that scary or is connecting emotionally with another human being scare the heck out of you? As we hug, we energetically connect, you see many people hugging with their bums out, a huge distance between their bodies. This is to stop the connection, to stop the emotions, to make them feel…

Daily Connection 28 April 2017

By Jayc Ryder

Money makes the world go round, the world go round the world go round.. Or does Love? Or Hate? Or War? Or Scientific principles aka The Big Bang Theory.. What makes your world go round? For me, its love. Having had a Near Death Experience, my view on life is that without love there is…

Daily Connection 27 April 2017

By Jayc Ryder

Time stands still for no one. But what is time? When this was typed, it was actually the 28th of April… I had been busy the 27th and ran out of “time”… Or had I simply prioritized other situations and experiences over typing this message… Whats your excuse for running out of time? What if…

Daily Connection 26 April 2017

By support

Pobody’s Nerfect. Well thats wrong. We are all perfect in our perceived imperfection. When you decide you are not perfect, you succumb to a life of low self esteem and lack of self belief. When you decide “everything & everyone” is perfect you choose to see the love that can manifest instantly in your life.…

Daily Connection 25 April 2017

By Jayc Ryder

Your Motivation is NOT ENOUGH ALONE to ensure your success. Make your WHY EMOTIONALLY CHARGED WITH LOVE That’s where you will find the Success you Desire.

Daily Connection 24 April 2017 Part 2

By Jayc Ryder

This is the second Daily Connection

Daily Connection 24 April 2017

By Jayc Ryder

Welcome to our new daily connection.

Communication is a Co-Creation

By Jayc Ryder

When you share a message, to your followers, your family, your friends, your lovers, your co-workers, your community, your world do you do it with LOVE or with DOMINANCE or with ANGER or with FRUSTRATION or with INTEGRITY or with AUTHENTICITY? Communication is a co-creation. Always remember that. During co-creation you mix together differences to…

Heart Vs Ego

By Jayc Ryder

I love to connect with people, in fact I tend to accept most friend requests on Facebook and openly message all those who connect with me. I give my time from my heart, so that I can get to know who my “friends” are. I openly share who I am. Yet many perceive the purpose…

9/11 I Died And Came Back

By Jayc Ryder

Images Shown Are Very Personal 1 year ago today. I Died. I then met ArchAngel Michael and 10000 Angels. He gave me a very specific message. It was my first ever Near Death Experience. Believe what you want, I know what happened to me. My life, my journey, my successes, my failures, my beliefs and…

Jayc Ryder

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