TV Host,
Award Winning Author,
Inspirational Speaker,
Love, Passion, Purpose
& Persuasion Strategist

A new dimension of influence & inspiration

Not fitting into the one-box mindset that the world dictates,
Jayc Ryder has always wanted to live his life in harmony and connection.

Yet society, family, friends, partners, employers never saw that perspective.
They all wanted Jayc to conform, to live, work, love their way.

To benefit them, Jayc would have to be their servant, their provider, the voice of their conscience, their business coach, spiritual coach, well-being adviser and inspirational guide.

He could not continue to be what everyone else wanted. He could not live like that any longer. Then in September 2015 with an emergency situation he did not live at all.... 

After a Near Death Experience, with a Direct Angelic Message a decision was made.
Jayc Ryder dedicated his life to living his ultimate passion
with authenticity, integrity and action. 

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Jayc's Ultimate Passion

Jayc Ryder Is Committed To Showing
You, Your Team, Your Staff, Your Students,
Your Clients And Colleagues The Path That
We Deeply Know In Our Hearts That We Desire

The Path Of Passion, Purpose, Profit & Perspective

The Path Of Fulfillment, Making An Impact

Becoming That Influencer, Change Maker,

Becoming Who We Are Meant To Be.

Passion To Perfection Program Creating A Life That You Love

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Through Jayc's love of Public
and Professional Speaking,

Combined with Jayc's experience
Hosting Successful Television Shows,

Jayc will coach you, guide you,
educate and inform you

How to experience and live your life so
that passion and purpose has
real meaning and impact.

Discover Your Passion And Purpose

Jayc Ryder Is Here Today

To assist Families, Business Owners, Employees, Professional Speakers, Authors,

Life & Business Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Social Media Influencers,

Mothers, Fathers, Children To Create Lives Where

Your Dreams Come True

You Deserve

To Live A Heart Felt Life

Where Your Passionately Guided Dreams.

Where Your Desires, Goals And Lifestyle

Come True Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!



Jayc Ryder


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Jayc's Blog

With regular contributions taking you on a journey into
the purpose and passion that life brings.  

Overcoming Procrastination

By Jayc Ryder

HOME ABOUT BOOK JAYC STRATEGY DISCUSSIONS BLOG MY ACCOUNT CONTACT BLOG First of all there are a few layers to procrastination and our existence with it. There is a very real purpose to the process we call procrastination. That purpose can be to allow gestation to occur, (some things take time and being ignorant of…

New Job = Suddenly Sick.. Why?

By Jayc Ryder

HOME ABOUT BOOK JAYC STRATEGY DISCUSSIONS BLOG MY ACCOUNT CONTACT BLOG I was asked a fascinating question today. “Sometimes when one starts something new (e.g. a new job) he or she feels ill in a week or two. Can it be explained on a spiritual level?” Yes, it can definitely be answered on a spiritual…

Communicate, Collaborate, Co-Create

By Jayc Ryder *

You would think that this would be the way the world should be today? It’s simple we have an idea, we communicate it with others, they collaborate and then we co-create. Now this is meant to happen in most relationships. We like someone, we tell them, they agree, decisions and choices are formed and made.…

What Are You Learning?

By Jayc Ryder *

Monday has arrived, for many its a school day, for others its a work day, and for some its a day they are thankful to be alive. Situations happen. Lives are affected, yet so many keep going around in circles never learning the lesson. Many many years ago, in fact it would be thirty years…

Be The Light That Warms The Hearts Of Your Home

By Jayc Ryder *

You hear the motivational speeches all the time. The challenge is set. Be The Light That Warms The Hearts Of Your Home, But HOW? There you have it. The SABOTAGE. The key item in the great mystery of life that is guaranteed to sabotage our progress. Asking HOW!!! Let’s look at life for a moment.…

Be Unique, Be Different, Be YOU

By Jayc Ryder *

The challenges we face in today’s society are many. It seems that there is competition everywhere. In every place you look there are examples. Billboards screaming for attention. Advertisements everywhere you look. Shop windows, Car Bumpers, T-Shirts, even the emblems on your underwear are advertisements wanting you to pay attention to them. Then there are…

Insights Of Love Event Becomes More Intimate, More VIP

By support

Yes, The Insights Of Love Event planned for October 7th, 2017 in New York has taken a massive step forward. It is now a VIP ONLY Event. This means more… more attention from Jayc Ryder and his incredible connection styles. more individual transformation more personalized experiences more Insights Of Love JUST FOR YOU! Tickets are…

Daily Connection 6 June 2017

By support

Great news is a wonderful way to start your day. Then the bad annoying news kicks in also… One minute you are on cloud nine, the next you are down in the dumps.. If this is happening to you, remember the absolute secret that no one is doing, that if you do will transform your…

Daily Connection 5 June 2017

By support

Every Day, in every moment we have a choice. Choose Love, Choose Fear, Choose Hate, Choose Anger, Choose Despair, Choose Grief. Those choices all have one thing in common. You made them. No matter what is happening in the world. No matter what is happening in business. No matter what is happening in your family.…

Daily Connection 3 June 2017

By support

Change happens Don’t fear it Enjoy it The unknown that arrives can be so much better than the known of the past when you allow the change to occur in flow.

Jayc Ryder

As a Love, Passion, Purpose & Persuasion Strategist, I have taken a different approach to guiding people on their life's journey. It is incredible to hear and see the instant breakthroughs that my Coaching & Mentor Program clients experience during their personal and business transformation journey.

Jayc Ryder

Love, Passion, Purpose & Persuasion Strategist

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