TV Host,
Award Winning Author,
Inspirational Speaker,
Love, Passion, Purpose
& Persuasion Coach

Multi Talented With Authenticity & Integrity

Not fitting into the one-box mindset that the world dictates,
Jayc Ryder has always wanted to live his life in harmony and connection.

Yet society, family, friends, partners, employers never saw that perspective.
They all wanted Jayc to conform, to live, work, love their way.

To benefit them, Jayc would have to be their servant, their provider, the voice of their conscience, their business coach, spiritual coach, well-being adviser and inspirational guide.

He could not continue to be what everyone else wanted. He could not live like that any longer. Then in September 2015 with an emergency situation he did not live at all.... 

After a Near Death Experience, with a Direct Angelic Message a decision was made.
Jayc Ryder dedicated his life to living his ultimate passion
with authenticity, integrity and action. 

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Jayc's Ultimate Passion

I Have A Personal Mission That Is A Major Driving Force.

It's My Reason For Getting Out Of Bed...


"My Life Purpose Is To Connect People To Their Hearts To Discover Love, Real, Passionate, Emotional Delicious Love.

So That The Impact Of It Transforms Their Life And That Of Everyone They Interact With." 


It Is More Than A Passion And Mission, Its Now My Life And I Want To Teach & Empower You To Connect To Your Heart, To Feel And Discover Love, Real, Passionate, Emotional Delicious Love.


The Formula For Love Because You Deserve It!

Clarity + Awareness Multiplied By The Secret Ingredients = L.O.V.E

This Is My Proprietary Formula That I Have Been Teaching & Coaching Clients On For Over 7 Years.

It Works When You Do The Work & I Can Guide You How.

It Works On Relationships, Business Ventures, Partnerships,
Family Interactions, Parenting & Children,
It Works For You, With You.

Order Your Personal Consultation Today
& Discover How To Apply The Formula For Love To Your Life.

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Through Jayc's love of Public
and Professional Speaking,

Combined with Jayc's experience
Hosting Successful Television Shows,

Jayc will coach you, guide you,
educate and inform you

How to experience and live your life so
that passion and purpose has
real meaning and impact.

Your Smile, Your Passion,
Your Life Purpose. Your Life Of Love

Discover Your Passion And Purpose

Jayc Ryder Is Here Today

To assist Families, Business Owners, Employees, Professional Speakers, Authors,

Life & Business Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Social Media Influencers,

Mothers, Fathers, Children To Create Lives Where

Your Dreams Come True

You Deserve

To Live A Heart Felt Life

Where Your Passionately Guided Dreams.

Where Your Desires, Goals And Lifestyle

Come True Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!



Jayc Ryder


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Jayc's Blog

With regular contributions taking you on a journey into
the purpose and passion that life brings.  

One word Daily Connection 12 May 2017

By Jayc Ryder


Daily Connection 12 May 2017

By Jayc Ryder

Am I upsetting you or triggering you because of something I’ve said. Whose fault is that? Yours for being triggered or mine for what I said? What if we realized that the Laws of Attraction + the Laws of Polarity + the Laws of Vibration + the Laws of Reciprocity are all at work here.…

The most important blog post I have ever written.

By Jayc Ryder

There was a life changing experience that happened to me in September 2015, my small intestine burst and I died on the operating table. I then had a Near Death Experience until they revived me and I came back with a powerful message. Since then, my new life has been me learning how to live…

Daily Connection 9 May 2017

By Jayc Ryder

But where are the previous Daily updates… Well life happens, we get busy, we get sick, we have distractions and sometimes things don’t go our way. Well fortunately that is just it – LIFE. Today’s message is simple. When life gets in the way and stops you, be ok with it. Allow the adventure, then…

Is Psychic Intuition REAL?

By Jayc Ryder

It is always interesting when we are asked “Is what you do Real?” For many the concept of “talking to the dead” (Mediumship) or Psychic Intuition or Channeling Source or even pick a choice from my favorite list below raises this question. Clairvoyance (vision) Clairsentience (feeling/touching) Clairaudience (hearing/listening) Clairalience (smelling) Claircognizance (knowing) Clairgustance (tasting) All…

Daily Connection 4 May 2017

By Jayc Ryder

Who are you living your life as? You or as the image of the leaders you learnt from? As children we are taught by “example” then as we age, those we look to as leaders then become the examples that we strive towards. However, have the wrong examples and your life suffers. Find the right…

Daily Connection 3 May 2017

By Jayc Ryder

Success, what is it to you? Is it a 6 figure income? Is it a large home? Is it good food? Is it a nice car? Is it to be on TV? Is it a happy healthy family? Is it the relationship of your dreams What is Success to you….? Any why? Success is a…

Daily Connection 2 May 2017

By Jayc Ryder

Are failures really that bad? For many they look at failures as “hard lessons in life that they just did not get”. But what if there was another reason for failures? What if those “Hard Lessons” were nothing more than direction changers. Like the track changers on a railway line. The train flows along happily,…

Daily Connection 1 May 2017

By Jayc Ryder

I really need to do these in advance…. lol Yes, this one is a day late, yet what matters most is actually the message. The message is always what matters. How you say it. How you hear it. How you live it. What message are you sharing? Are you hearing it? Are you living it?…

Daily Connection 30 April 2017

By Jayc Ryder

Why Oh Why did you listen to what they said… Your actions, your attitudes, your behavior and your relationships all depend on YOU BEING YOU.. Stop trying to be liked Stop being afraid of what others say Stop trying to please everyone Stop trying to avoid conflict Stop trying. Be you That’s right BE YOU…

Jayc Ryder

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