TV Host,
Award Winning Author,
Inspirational Speaker,
Passion, Purpose
& Persuasion Strategist

A new dimension of influence & inspiration

Not fitting into the one-box mindset that the world dictates,
Jayc Ryder has always wanted to live his life in harmony and connection.

Yet society, family, friends, partners, employers never saw that perspective.
They all wanted Jayc to conform, to live, work, love their way.

To benefit them, Jayc would have to be their servant, their provider, the voice of their conscience, their business coach, spiritual coach, well-being adviser and inspirational guide.

He could not continue to be what everyone else wanted. He could not live like that any longer. Then in September 2015 with an emergency situation he did not live at all.... 

After a Near Death Experience, with a Direct Angelic Message a decision was made.
Jayc Ryder dedicated his life to living his ultimate passion
with authenticity, integrity and action. 

Jayc's Ultimate Passion

We all have dreams and deep desires, yet all too often take a different path.

A path of perceived responsibility
and commitments.

Sadly that path rarely provides the
success and satisfaction

that we deeply know in our hearts
that we desire. 


Through Jayc's love of Public
and Professional Speaking,

Combined with Jayc's experience
Hosting Successful Television Shows,

Jayc will coach you, guide you,
educate and inform you

how to experience and live your life so

that passion and purpose has
real meaning and impact.



Jayc Ryder

Discover Your Passion And Purpose

Jayc Ryder Is Here Today

To assist Families, Business Owners, Employees, Professional Speakers, Authors,

Life & Business Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Social Media Influencers,

Mothers, Fathers, Children To Create Lives Where

Your Dreams Come True

So That

You Can Live A Heart Felt Life

Where Your Passionately Guided Dreams. Desires, Goals And Lifestyle

Ccome True Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!


Jayc's Unique Accountability and Implementation Programs Are Designed To Bring Results!

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Jayc's Blog

With regular contributions taking you on a journey into
the purpose and passion that life brings.  

Daily Connection 1 June 2017

By support | June 1, 2017

A new month brings new opportunities, new successes and new perceptions of failures. It brings changes of seasons, weather, wind, sunshine and rain. In fact every day brings you exactly that. In fact every day is the same Its how you look at the day that makes the difference. The sun is always shining. Its…

Daily Connection 28 May 2017

By support | May 28, 2017

The fear of the action can appear to be bigger than the perceived result of the action. This means the terror inside may be falsely showing you the wrong information. Feel your truth Make an aligned decision/choice. Then live the Truth.

Daily Connection 26 May 2017

By support | May 26, 2017

Why don’t I post every day? Because I give myself 100% to my clients so that when we interact they get the clearest of results through my gifts. This means social media takes second place to face to face. Now I know some marketing experts will say “you must be consistent”, regular information grows your…

Daily Connection 23 May 2017

By support | May 23, 2017

Life is SHORT – Live Every Moment. Do you understand the power of living? Do you understand how that power can be removed in an instant? Sadly, human lives are fragile and the loss that occurs is unimaginable.  Today I have heard about 3 tragedies that are affecting thousands of people. The lives lost are…

Daily Connection 22 May 2017

By support | May 22, 2017

Sacrifice is not Service, Empowered Service is Actions wrapped in Love. What does this really mean? Well, look at your life today. Are you providing empowered service or are you sacrificing in order to satisfy an old belief, an old expectation, to “fulfill society pressures”, to be the provider, to stop your family from suffering,…

Daily Connection 18 May 2017

By support | May 18, 2017

Rubbish…. Clutter…. Mess….. All take your positive energy away from you… Mind, Body and Soul, what rubbish, clutter and mess are you allowing to affect you?  

Daily Connection 16 May 2017

By support | May 17, 2017

Change will come whether you like it or not. Your choice is to embrace the chaos and see the beauty unfold or struggle to force the status quo. I much prefer to embrace beauty, do you?

Daily Connection 15 May 2017

By support | May 15, 2017

Announcing The Insights Of Love World Tour It could be coming to a location near you. Jayc & Svetlana Ryder presenting a day filled with Insights of Passion, Discovery of Purpose, Understanding of Profit wrapped in the Power Of Love! Message Jayc today with your location and we may come to you too.

One word Daily Connection 12 May 2017

By Jayc Ryder | May 12, 2017


Daily Connection 12 May 2017

By Jayc Ryder | May 12, 2017

Am I upsetting you or triggering you because of something I’ve said. Whose fault is that? Yours for being triggered or mine for what I said? What if we realized that the Laws of Attraction + the Laws of Polarity + the Laws of Vibration + the Laws of Reciprocity are all at work here.…

Jayc Ryder

As a Passion Purpose & Persuasion Strategist, I have taken a different approach to guiding people on their life's journey. It is incredible to hear and see the instant breakthroughs that my Coaching & Mentor Program clients experience during their personal and business transformation journey.

Jayc Ryder

Passion, Purpose & Persuasion Strategist

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