Why Are You On LinkedIn

Why Are You On LinkedIn?
Is it to get a job?
Is it to prospect for B2B Contacts?
Is it to find a life partner or relationship?
Is it to JV?
Is it to give your Self Employment Credibility?
Is it because you were told by your Social Media Manager to do it?

Why Am I On LinkedIn?
Because I listened to everyone else who was a “so called expert” in Social Media Marketing and I apparently “needed” a profile in order to for my “business” to grow.

What a load of rubbish that advice was….

I did not need LinkedIn to “grow my business”.
LinkedIn needs me to “Grow Its Business”

If my clients hung out on LinkedIn then yes, it could be useful for prospecting…
But to be totally honest, I make more meaningful connections on Facebook and by my being on Television than I do via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn also has become a place where I am targeted by Sales teams for prospecting their services and its a waste of my valuable time responding to them.

Whatever happened to meaningful connections?
Whatever happened to real business networking?
LinkedIn has its purpose, yes…
To Build Profit For LinkedIn…..

I would love my LinkedIn feed to change to become “real business connections”
So tell me….
What Business are you in and who are you?
Who is the real you?