Want To Change Your Life? Start Here!

I was just making a cup of tea and I could feel someone was thinking about how they can change their life and didn’t know where to start. They thought about coaching, about enrolling in courses, they were wondering where to start.

I could feel they were conscious of the confusion that is out there. Which course to choose? Which coach to work with, who could they trust when the challenges and difficulties arise?

So this post is for you.

There are millions of people in this world who would love to teach you dear one. They are available and are happy to help you in an instant.

Now your choices are occurring and it is the purpose of your heart to guide you through them. Feel into each choice, feel the experience of facing yourself during this moment and those moments when you know you will struggle.

  • You want strength of character
  • You want authenticity
  • You want integrity
  • You want evidence
  • You want…. Love

Now I don’t mean you want a coach or teacher to fall in love with you, you want someone who can guide you who is also working from their heart, from a place of love, doing what they love.

This is the alignment you wanted, you asked for it.

Now it is manifested here for you.

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