Time To Power Your Passionate Purpose

I am often asked if I would return to Coaching, Training & Workshops, having taken a break for over 12 months.

There was very good reasons why I stopped. Those reasons then developed into an incredible workshop program that I want to introduce you to today.

You see I spent my time discovering my passionate purpose.

Part of which includes training people on discovering their very own passionate purpose.  Plus the most exciting part of this journey, is that the techniques that will be taught, can be implemented in all aspects of life

  • Want a new Relationship?
  • Find That Soulmate?
  • Make Money Online?
  • Discover methods for passive income?
  • Find the real reason you are here?
  • Overcome depression and create the life of your dreams?

The techniques that will be taught on this program will enable you to grow, change, discover and develop your own Passionate Purpose With the Ultimate ingredient “Power”.

Now I know what some of you are thinking.. Power – thats ego… Actually no. Not in the context of this program.

Power Is

  • Emotional Desire
  • Positive Direction
  • Defined Physical Action
  • Smart Experiences

It is not about EGO…


So how does the program work?

There are two levels of this program.

Gold Level – Affordable Group Mastermind.

You gain Private Exclusive Gold Level Access to our Members Only Platform.

Inside are Informational Videos covering the program components, plus activities are added so that the Gold Level Mastermind becomes an actual Do It Yourself type of program that you can do in your own time.

Every Month you will be invited to attend a live Zoom Meeting where we will go through one aspect of the program. There will be selected activities and actions for you to take over the month. You will also be able to openly discuss what has happened this month in a structured way so that the solutions you need are given. This is expected to be at least a 2 hour Meeting. It will be recorded and those recordings saved in the members area for future access.


VIP Level – One on One Workshop Breakthrough Sessions

Includes all Gold Level Program features plus

1 x 2 Hour Workshop Breakthrough Session Per Month.

Note: These workshop sessions are driven by the program and as such are not therapy sessions. If therapy is required we recommend you see a registered practitioner.

This session is also recorded and made available to you privately via a private link on Dropbox.

Plus Upgrades giving Access to any other programs that I produce for your lifetime.

Note: VIP Level is a 12 month commitment with a minimum 3 month contract. A Payment Plan is available and payments are scheduled every 3 months.


Refund Policy: 30 days NO RISK

Gold Level Mastermind Users have a full 30 days to participate fully. If you wish to request a refund within those 30 days then simply lodge a support ticket at our helpdesk and we will refund you your current 1st months payment. Refunds are not available for payments made after the first 30 days unless our payment solution provider requests.

VIP Level – If after your first Workshop Breakthrough session and within 30 days of your first payment you wish to request a refund then simply lodge a support ticket at our helpdesk and we will refund you your payment in full. Refunds are not available for payments made after the first 30 days unless our payment solution provider requests.



In Online marketing the bonus is explained to be the real reason that people sign up for the program. The bonuses I have will be tailored to each person who enrolls. So that means there will be surprise gifts and offerings. 


Enrollments Open NOW

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About Jayc Ryder

Jayc Ryder, A Best Selling And Award Winning Author Is An Inspirational Speaker And Master Of Change. As A Passion, Purpose Persuasion Strategist, He Works With Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Corporations, Mothers In Business “Mompreneurs” To Enable Them To Live The Life Of Their Dreams. With Consultations, Online Programs And Live Online & In Location Events Making Their Dreams Come True.