Split By An Investigation

Whilst on location completing a Psychic Investigation is often physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenging. There are moments that occur, real WTF moments where you look back and all you can do is smile.

Plus add to the challenge an audience of fans and the actual process of the investigation can become complex due to all the different energies that are now on the scene.

But, this was a challenge of a different kind.

One of those “Only on TV” moments I would never forget.

Half the day had gone by and we were filming an investigation down by a large river. It was the scene of a drowning.

The director wanted some close up shots and so I was posing and holding positions as the Camera crew would zoom in, pan around and we created fill shots for the show.

Nothing too strenuous about this, so time to kneel down for a close up of my hands near the water…


The center seam on my trousers decides its better off without me..

Now I am kneeling in the middle of an emotionally upsetting Psychic Investigation, with a film crew around me and my butt hanging out of my pants. I tell the director who promptly replies with it’s ok, we are not filming any shots from the back, so keep going.

It’s a tough gig in Television sometimes…

After what seemed like forever, my butt getting cold from the “extra air conditioning”, we have all the shots we need, so back up to the parking area 200 meters away to our Bus.

I walk quickly, the Pet snake I use on the program in one hand and the other hand holding tightly to the split in my pants.

Oh NO!!!!!!

A dozen fans come running towards me wanting autographs and photographs…

Oh Crap, my ass is hanging out (covered by thermal underwear but still)…

I give a couple of autographs, pose for a couple of photos and then run for the bus, hoping none of them notice and take photos of my butt.

In the Bus, our Makeup Artist see’s the problem and I stripped off my trousers and waited patiently whilst she mended them.


Lets hope that never happens again..

Actually it did a couple of months later, but that’s another story..

The moral of this story? Stuff happens, things you don’t expect, at times you don’t want. No matter what happens, its how you handle it.

Me, I look back on this split and laugh. I hope you did too.

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