Quiet – Listen & Learn

Yes, I have been quiet lately.
As massive changes occur, some things have to happen.
I have been coaching many clients assisting them on their personal, professional, spiritual and financial journey. Many are having unparalleled successes in the expansion of their connection, having financial successes appear “magically” in front of them, have relationships with more authenticity and communication than before.
Yet today, I sacked one client.
Simple. They wanted me to do the work for them. 
My responsibility as a Coach is to guide, assist, support and be aware of all the aspects you will experience on your journey. It is not to do the work for you.

But why did I not continue to coach them out of the situation? Did I give up on them when they needed me most?

Oh no! I didn’t give up on them. They gave up on themselves. I simply invited them to prove to themselves how powerful and how amazing they really are by taking full responsibility for their own life.
How many of you have learnt to ride a bicycle? 
  • Do you remember the day the training wheels were taken off?
  • Do you remember pushing down on the pedals and wobbling from side to side until your balance kicked in?
  • Do you remember falling off and blood oozing out of your knees when you fell off into the gravel?
  • The person taking the wheels off believed in you.
  • The person who watched as you fell into the gravel believed in you.
  • The person who cleaned up the damage to your knee, and insisted you get back on believed in you.
There was only 1 person riding that bicycle.
Your coach was watching.
  • I believe in you.
  • I am watching.
  • I am there if you fall off and scrape your knee.

But I won’t ride the bicycle for you

I believe in YOU.
That is why I let you go.
Now ride your bicycle with the wind in your face, the breeze flowing through you, the pathway taking you to places unknown.
If you fall, you know where to find me.

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