Psychic Medium, Psychic Investigator, Authentically Me.

Who are you? Who am I? We hear that question asked often. In fact, we ask ourselves those very same questions as we travel on this journey called life.

In my world, I get asked and challenged at an even deeper level. You see the world I live in is one where beliefs are questioned, where situations happen that are difficult to explain, knowledge is given and shared yet it is impossible for me to have had prior understanding or knowing of this, how can it be?

I am questioned and asked to provide evidence of who I am almost every day. By complete strangers who want to either prove me wrong, or who struggle with their own belief systems.

This is the life of a person with genuine and publicly tested Psychic abilities.

Yes, I am a Psychic Medium, I communicate with the dead, with ghosts, with spirits, with Angels, Archangels, with Gods and Goddesses.

Yes, I am a Psychic Investigator, I have the unique ability to physically relive to feel, to see, to hear the process of death surrounding a past loved one. This has meant I can investigate with great authenticity the hidden occurrences around deaths.

Yes, I am a Psychic who can travel backward into the past and forward into the future. I can predict natural disasters, births, deaths, business options, relationship choices and even show you evidence of your past lives.

No, I am not a fortune teller or card reader.

I work with people from my heart and soul using love as my connection to what is called Source energy. Through 30+ incredible public tests of my abilities, plus 15+ Psychic investigations where I solved Murders, Rapes, Kidnappings, pedophilia, bombings and many more.

When I work with you, I am real, raw and no subject is too sensitive or difficult.

I am authentically me.

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