Is Psychic Intuition REAL?

It is always interesting when we are asked “Is what you do Real?”

For many the concept of “talking to the dead” (Mediumship) or Psychic Intuition or Channeling Source or even pick a choice from my favorite list below raises this question.

Clairvoyance (vision)
Clairsentience (feeling/touching)
Clairaudience (hearing/listening)
Clairalience (smelling)
Claircognizance (knowing)
Clairgustance (tasting)

All these different modalities or methods of interaction have been around for centuries and are ingrained in our history – yet as scientists have yet to “prove” these modalities, there are many many 1000’s who base their entire lives living and breathing and believing in their connection to “the other side”.

So is Psychic Intuition REAL?

To me – YES.

How: Well I have had personal experiences that have generated sufficient evidence for my belief system to be confirmed and to agree that what I do is REAL.

But what about you?

You see when I am asked if something is real – and if I believe it is real then for me – IT IS REAL.

What do you actually believe in?
How do you determine what is REAL?
How do you create your belief systems?
What evidence do you need to believe?

Then there is the million dollar question that every church and religion in the world wants you to believe.

What about Faith?

If you have Faith then “God, Buddha, Source, Your dead relative” may actually contact you – that’s what faith is all about…
Have faith and they may or may not come…

So should we really ask – Is Psychic Intuition Real?
What if we changed it to – What do I want to believe?

Can you feel the difference in those two questions?

The first question “Is Psychic intuition real” is filled with doubt, uncertainty and lacking in clarity.
There are many generalisations of “what it is” and too many points of debate.

The second question “What do I want to believe” brings opportunity to question, to understand, for evidence to appear and more importantly empowers you to “make a choice for YOU”.

When we look at our beliefs and how they have served us – over many years we find beliefs that have worked and some that have absolutely caused problems. Then with those that are problems we find replacements and create new beliefs that empower us. This is our right and is a natural method of evolution. I remember as a child I believed I disliked Asparagus, the thought as a child would send me running – now as an adult – I have Asparagus with my restaurant meals. My taste buds evolved.

What you believe and what you experience shapes your life, your journey, your connection and your relationships.

I have had many experiences in the 30+ years of my psychic journey and everyday I get more and more evidence shown to me with ease and grace. My journey has allowed me to realize there is more than physical evidence. – it is how we can honor our connection, live our beliefs and know that what we do is REAL.

That is why I have published the book.

“Jayc Ryder – A Real Psychic Medium on Reality TV”.

(Available on Amazon, & Kindle)

Its like a diary of my time on Bitva Ekstrasensiv (Battle Of The Psychics) TV Show here in Ukraine and as co-host/Psychic Investigator on Psychic Investigations TV Show, also recorded in Ukraine.

The book itself is easy to read and details my feelings and views during the filming of both series. If you wanted to know whether Psychics on TV are REAL, then I am living proof.

Why am I living Proof?

I stand here today, publicly announcing my TRUTH, I AM A REAL PSYCHIC MEDIUM.

I have given answers where there were perceived none.

I have provided information that is IMPOSSIBLE to know.

I have stood up to extensive tests by some of the worlds most experienced Skeptics and proved my abilities.

Naturally, I know some reading this will then ask me to go “prove myself” again by participating in “Famous Skeptic challenges to prove the existence of Psychic abilities”, those prove it and we will give you a million dollars type of scams.

No, I don’t need to prove a Skeptic is wrong.

All I need to do…

Is Believe in ME.

It’s YOUR choice to believe in ME ALSO.

Make a choice that is perfect for YOU.




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