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Jayc Ryder has established himself as a Uniquely Talented Psychic Medium and Psychic Investigator/Psychic Detective. His gifts and abilities include providing detailed information that has been used numerous times in Psychic Investigations worldwide. This incredible information has been used to solve Crimes, Murders, Kidnappings, Rapes, Pedophilia, Suicides, Bombings, Arson and Many Other Mystical Situations.


Introducing A Psychic Investigation

By A Uniquely Proven

Psychic Investigator / Psychic Detective


Overcoming a complex life, Jayc Ryder has established himself as a Uniquely Talented Psychic Medium and Psychic Investigator/Psychic Detective. His gifts and abilities include providing detailed information for Psychic Investigations performed worldwide, to solve Crimes, Murders, Kidnappings, Rapes, Pedophilia, Suicides, Bombings, Arson and Many Other Mystical Situations.

His distinctive talent was put to the test in Ukraine and additionally worldwide on over 40+ occasions. Each test more complex than the last, some deeply disturbing, emotionally unsettling and even putting Jayc’s life at risk. Having represented all the Psychic Mediums from Australia & New Zealand in the Television Reality show Bitva Ekstrasensiv Apokalysis Series 11 (Battle of the Psychics Apocalypse Series 11) filmed in Ukraine in 2012, Jayc consistently was one of the top performers, stunning and confusing the Producers with his accuracy and detail. Jayc was awarded 3rd Place in the competition for the Best Psychic In The World.

Then as a Celebrity Host and Featured Psychic on the Television Reality Show “Investigation’s Leading Psychic”(known locally as) “Psychic Investigations”, Jayc Ryder was the Lead Psychic Investigator on over 15 complex cases. These intensive criminal cases combined with other mystical investigations showed the world how “Jayc Ryder Psychic Investigator” can uncover some of the deepest and darkest answers to unsolved mysteries.

He Would Relive The Dying Moments Of Their Life. 

With families and a Television film crew watching closely, whilst using various modalities, Jayc Ryder would wow the audience, as he would relive the last moments of life of the person who had passed. Their dying moments that in some cases were previously unknown and provided vital information and clues into the deaths, the murders, the suicides.

Reality was coming to life in front of Camera crews, family members and others. Jayc would focus deeper and see through the eyes of the departed, exactly what they saw before they passed. This ability to relive the death and last moments of life gives Jayc the ability to answer the questions the families had been struggling to comprehend.

What happened when they died? Were there others involved? What did the people around them look like? From this ability to relive the deaths during an Investigation, Jayc has been able to provide Identikit pictures of culprits, observe room structures and fittings, and so much more.

She Was A Hero Before She Died.

In one investigation, Jayc saw how a woman who was murdered and left in the street, had actually saved the life of her sister and child by leading the assailant away from their home. This woman was a hero to her family and they did not realize it until Jayc had completed his Investigation (This was an episode of the TV Show Psychic Investigations). There is still a huge amount of other information in that particular case that cannot be shared here for privacy reasons and television copyright laws.

Where Can Jayc Ryder Provide Psychic Investigations?

Anywhere in the world. Remotely or On Location. Remotely works well for general information. Whilst the level of remotely gained information can be deeply useful, it can also mean some subtleties of information are missed, by not physically being in the location of the situation being investigated.  The power of his abilities really shines when he is on the location of the Investigation. This is where he unravels the twists and turns of the energetic residue, discovers more detail and has had the actual evidence given, used by International Police to solve the mysteries.

How Does A Psychic Investigation Work?

Private Psychic Investigations are now available on a limited basis. To engage Jayc’s services for a Psychic Investigation the process is as follows.

  • Book & Pay for a specialized Psychic Investigation Consultation
  • The Consultation will then be booked and provided either via phone or Skype.
  • During the Consultation, Jayc will ask for basic information, such as a photograph of the deceased and in some cases public cause of death. He will then energetically start the process of the investigation.
  • If Jayc then sees there is valid information to be gained, a quotation for services will be provided.

What Methods Does Jayc Use For An Investigation?

Remote Viewing.

This is where Jayc will use various meditative modalities to discover the information required. These modalities start with a deep meditation and over a period of several days Jayc will record what he “sees”. The recordings are completed using an MP3 voice recorder and supplied unedited to the client. Depending on the type of investigation, the information gathered is then delivered in an additional consultation and discussed so as to provide closure and healing to those left behind.

In Person On Location.

Jayc definitely excels during In-Person and On Location Investigations.  An On Location Investigation is an important part of an Investigation where there are many unanswered questions or for specific types of Investigation topics. Topics like Treasure Hunts, Missing People, Bombings, Criminal situations, Suicides etc. The On location investigations can also take more organizing and so considerations for that must be expected. In these cases, Jayc’s Flights, Travel and Accommodation plus a daily rate are required to be paid for in advance of his arrival. Payment Amounts are often substantial and due to booking schedules there are deadlines for payment to be completed.

Typical Questions Asked of Jayc include:

  • Can Jayc Find All Missing People?
  • Can Jayc Find Buried Treasure?
  • Can Jayc Solve Murders?
  • Can Jayc Solve Crimes?
  • Can Jayc Answer Why This Person Committed Suicide? Was It Suicide Or Something Else?
  • Can Jayc Find Answers To Mystical Situations?
  • Can Jayc Find The Answers From Crimes or Situations Hundreds or Thousands of Years Ago?

These are great questions and there is not one answer that will suit all. In some situations missing people do not want to be found. In other instances the answer to murder cases can only be given to police due to safety concerns and recently was not able to be given even to police, due to the danger involved if that information was publicly disclosed. For Treasure hunts, Mystical Situations and other types of investigation topics, they may be done remotely, however Jayc often prefers these to be on location to ensure the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

When you contract Jayc for a Psychic Investigation, Jayc commits energetically to uncover the truth no matter what it is. This means you are prepared during the consultation to discover the honest truth no matter how difficult it may be.

Investigations are not limited to solving Murders, all situations in life (and death) can be investigated upon assessment by Jayc during a Consultation.

A Psychic Investigation by Jayc Ryder brings answers to many of the questions loved ones are left with today.

You Are Booking An Initial Private Investigation Consultation.

The product being purchased from this page is an Initial Consultation. It is not for a full Investigation. The Consultation is to honor the energetic commitment that Jayc will make as in many cases Jayc goes immediately to reliving the death involved.

Full Investigations Are Provided On A Quotation During or After Consultation.

During the Consultation a price for the Investigation will be provided, or supplied after depending on requirements.

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