Coaching Coaches For The Greatest Results

$ 450.00


You Know Jayc Truly Loves To Coach. When You Look Back At Jayc’s Experiences In Life, He Has Coached Experts On Topics That Have Transformed Business, Relationships, The Lives Of Men, Women, Even Children.

Jayc Has Been In The Coaching World For 30 Years.

Jayc Has Studied Psychology

Jayc Has Studied Spirituality

Jayc Has Studied Relationships

Jayc Has Studied Business

Jayc Has Studied Technology

Jayc Has Studied International Finance & Accounting


In That Time Jayc Has Coached & Guided People To:

  • Discover Their Dreams
  • Embrace Their Desires
  • Successfully Create Their Business Ideas
  • Develop Through Divorces
  • Recover And Strengthen Their Marriages & Relationships
  • Move Through Grief, Through The Tragic Loss Of A Loved One
  • To Find Their Soulmates, Twin Flames, Loved Partner For Life
  • To Embrace & Enhance Their Sexuality, Beliefs And Desires
  • Sell Their Homes & Businesses At High Profit
  • Change Their Financial Structures To Legally Reduce Their Government Expectations
  • Develop Their Beliefs And Values To Overcome Seemed Restrictions
  • Develop The Means To Manifest The Life With The Success Of Their Greatest Goals
  • To Find The Means To Shine Their Light, Their Passion Purposefully Within Their Power
  • In Business Automations And Efficiencies To Create Multi-Million Dollar Businesses
  • To Speak On Stages And Command Large Speaking Fees
  • Coached The Smartest Coaches How To Coach Better With Greater Results…