First of all there are a few layers to procrastination and our existence with it.

There is a very real purpose to the process we call procrastination. That purpose can be to allow gestation to occur, (some things take time and being ignorant of the time involved does not help), then there is the possibility that we are ignoring our guidance and feelings about something that could be very wrong for us, or even more distressing is we can be using procrastination as a sabotage to stop us becoming successful in our chosen arenas. With these possibilities around us, we can easily misinterpret that time frame, those messages from our guidance, the universe, the angels, "insert what you believe in here" as procrastination.

Another layer is lack of motivation and commitment to the task we are procrastinating about. Even deeper is our listening to the voice in our head saying not to do it, whilst our heart is growing more and more desperate for us to take the action. This happens when we know we should be taking an action, yet ignore it for as long as possible (Working out at the gym, eating healthy etc, for many this is typically how they try to avoid the experience and allow procrastination to control).

So how to overcome procrastination?

Lets be honest here shall we.

Yep that's the method.

Be "Honest" with yourself.

If you don't want to do something, understand why and accept it.

If you want to do something but "don't feel like it" then don't do it.

Give yourself permission to take action or to delay the action.

That's the secret sauce.


When you give yourself permission to delay or to take an action, you remove the stigma of procrastination. You remove the negativity of non-action.

Whilst this may seem simple.

It's harder than you think. You have to be raw, honest and real when you give yourself permission to not take an action. If you try to give permission and hide your real feelings, well procrastination and judgement will creep back in and bite you on the butt!!!

Be honest.

Be raw.

Be real.

Give yourself permission without consequence, so you can be and do in this moment what is perfect for you.

Try it...

It's truly life changing.

But if you get stuck, message me, book an appointment with me and we can go into those layers and find out what is really happening.

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