I was asked a fascinating question today.
"Sometimes when one starts something new (e.g. a new job) he or she feels ill in a week or two. Can it be explained on a spiritual level?"

Yes, it can definitely be answered on a spiritual level. When you look at who we are, we are energetic beings who assimilate into the energy of our surroundings. Its actually an important part of our survival. In the early times of human beings existence, that feeling of the energy in an area was how we found food, survived attacks from wild beings and basically created who we are today.

Fortunately that fight for survival has changed. Whilst the queues at our local shopping centers can be painfully annoying, and waiting for a car parking space in some places can seem to take forever, our lives are not at threat for those experiences anymore. Instead we sit back and either wait for the result we desire or we move elsewhere. This has resulted in a situation where as human beings we often don't consider our feelings anymore.

Then comes the situation you asked about. A new job and getting ill after a week or so. This happens based on a similar reckoning.
You arrive at a new location, the energy needs and stimulus are unknown. You then spend 40+ hours in that environment and your body, your energy field has to adjust. For some, they have the ability to adjust easily, others like you asked about, fall sick and need time away in order to "recover from the energetic environment change".

For those that typically get sick in a new job, there is an easy technique to use to assimilate into those new environments.

When in a new environment, find a person who represents the "the most relaxed and confident employee". There is usually someone in the company who has been there the longest, they know the company inside and out, plus have a very relaxed and comfortable position. Then feel their energy. Feel their confidence, their relaxed energy field, then mirror it back. Own that company. Feel like it is YOUR BUSINESS, feel the pride, the confidence, the passion and the direction. Bring that feeling into you.Now you might be say - what the....???? How am I meant to "feel their energy without it being creepy"?

Hahaa great question. Its simple.

People watch!

You don't stare, you casually look at them and breathe in gently for a count of 3, then relax and breathe out for a count of 3 (use a count of what works for you, it does not have to be 3 - it can be 2, or 5 or 7, just do what works for you).

Then as you breathe and look at them, their feeling of confidence will show itself to you. At that point breathe it in and then feel the confidence, push your shoulders back, chest out, smile to yourself and breathe out.

It seems like a simple technique, yet it works every-time, but for some they will find it difficult. For those people I suggest they do not fight the illness happening. Surrender to it, practice good self care and then come back with a powerful desire to be part of something wonderful.

There is also the situation where the energy of a company is toxic and when you join it, after a few days or a week you get sick. This can be a warning from your connection to your guides that you need to get away from it.

The more we feel our environment and the more we understand the power of our "feelings" the more our spiritual connection will guide us.

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