Making An Impact

Inspirational, Real, Passionate, Purposeful, Persuasive. A strategy and a formula for success. Jayc Ryder has the unique ability to connect with his audience, no matter their age, experience, gender or even language. Having had massive success as a TV Celebrity in Ukraine and worldwide on the TV Cable Networks, his fan base constantly rave lyrical about the changes in their lives because of Jayc’s Insightful and Inspirational messages.

With a strong background in Corporate Events, Jayc has put in thousands of hours developing his stage and on camera presence. His speaking experience includes Corporate Sales Teams, Corporate Management, School & University Management, Medical & Dental Professionals, Government Bodies, Religious Organizations, IT Professionals, Entrepreneurial Based Groups, Pharmaceutical Associations, plus various others on stages and in conference rooms all over Australia, Ukraine and the USA.  

His method of interacting with his audience ensures that each member of the event feels as though they have spoken directly 1 on 1 with Jayc. With an incredibly unique ability to direct stories in a strong emotional way making his interactions with the different audience demographics a highly in demand skill.

Your Event Transformed To Success

Be it

  • A Corporate Sales Event to Inspire Sales Teams To Perform Or Overcome Rejection
  • An Executive Retreat to transform Executive’s mindsets
  • An Educational Institute wanting to inspire and motivate their students/staff/supporters
  • A Large Conference where the message is highly focused
  • A Sales Based Conference where on-stage sales conversions of the audience is required.
  • Transformational Change Events enabling the audience to fully participate and engage in new dimensional activities.
  • Relationship Growth Events where self development is key.
  • An Entrepreneurial Group who are digging deep into financial mastery, personal and professional well-being

Jayc Ryder is a Professional Inspirational Speaker who does not fit into one box.

You may wonder how he does it, how can he be the chameleon in the speaking industry? This is the gift of being able to assimilate within his environments, becoming one with his audience, no matter what their uniqueness is, Jayc is able to deconstruct, identify, assimilate and improve the outcomes for the audience, in order to achieve the desired outcomes of his clients.

Having also recently taught Public Speaking to Corporate Managements in Ukraine, he consistently challenged and developed his students (even though these are Upper Management Executives) to overcome their fears, their insecurities, to develop their own style, format and method of expressing themselves with confidence, clarity and positive results.

Jayc’s latest opportunity to live his passion of teaching his audiences how to discover the meaning of Love plus how it can transform your life is by Producing and Hosting the all new Reality Show, "Love Lessons TV" which is being broadcast worldwide on Roku & Amazon TV Networks. This insightful journey into the human psyche is a transformative edutainment opportunity to bring Love into a new dimension of life, business, relationship and self development today.

As A TV Host & Professional Inspirational Speaker, Jayc Ryder will inspire you, challenge you and empower you to embrace your life's purpose and passion in the journey of Love.

Jayc Ryder is A Love, Passion Purpose & Persuasion Strategist Who Gets His Clients Results Every Time!

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The Outcome You Desire Is Waiting For The Missing Ingredient "That Is Jayc Ryder"!

Jayc In Action Teaching Public Speaking

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