Heart Vs Ego

I love to connect with people, in fact I tend to accept most friend requests on Facebook and openly message all those who connect with me.

I give my time from my heart, so that I can get to know who my “friends” are.

I openly share who I am.

Yet many perceive the purpose of “social media connections” as pure business opportunities and networking choices. Then there are those who want to connect, yet not share who they are. I understand that sometimes we need privacy, but it’s like walking up to someone introducing yourself to them with a
“Hi, I am “Name” check out my website for my story…

You have 30 seconds literally of my attention to share your story and connect, yet you want me to go to your website and spend 30 minutes finding out if I like you??????

Come on people, open up. We are HUMAN, we have HEARTS, I actually WANT TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE….

Yes, sharing who you are is actually a step forward in being vulnerable.

Yes, sharing your story can be painful, I know mine sure is.

Yes, sharing being open to people means they may attack you.

Yes, sharing you has both challenges and benefits.

Do it anyway.

A heart centered connection is one that you share openly about who you are, why you are and where you are.

An ego centered connection is one where you send others to a website, avoid answering questions and then attack when you cannot be honest and open.

Answers from me will always come from my heart, some you will feel happy and others you will feel pain. No matter what they are you will feel.

That is the truth in life, love and connection.

Be Heart Centered.

It makes a huge difference.

It’s worth it.

Much Love


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