Egypt Air Flight MS804

First my condolences and love go to the families and to all those who have lost loved ones.

I feel I must share publicly the knowledge of the visions I saw as I tuned in energetically to investigate the missing plane EgyptAir Flight MS804.

As a Psychic Investigator I have unique abilities and was able to tune into the aircraft in its final moments of flight.

Scanning the plane’s energetic field, I found the Flight Deck normal, then as I made my way through the cabin energetically, I found the passenger cabin to be operating normally.

Then as I looked deeper into the aircraft, I looked at luggage in the cargo hold, it was also energetically normal. Moving into the mechanical areas I could see a huge flash of light, an explosion occurring at the area of the plane where the front of the Right Wing is attached to the fuselage.

It was fuel exploding, it was immediate, it was as if it was remotely detonated. I could see very clearly what energetically looked like a detonator device erupting flames throughout the cabin and immediately ending the lives of all on-board. I also could see that the detonator device was somehow triggered by flying into Egyptian air space.

Then I energetically traced the history of the plane back and felt that in Cairo before the plane went to Paris, the maintenance crew had somehow been part of the cause. I also feel there is other motivations behind this. More serious.

I spoke about this to my wife Svetlana and then questioned about going public.

My decision was made, I share this now, to openly speak out.

My heart, love and condolences go to the families of all who were lost.


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