Communication is a Co-Creation

When you share a message, to your followers, your family, your friends, your lovers, your co-workers, your community, your world do you do it with LOVE or with DOMINANCE or with ANGER or with FRUSTRATION or with INTEGRITY or with AUTHENTICITY?
Communication is a co-creation.
Always remember that.
During co-creation you mix together differences to create a new result.
What are you mixing and what result are you expecting?
I posted that today on Facebook and while I was writing it, the thought that came to mind was a picture of a cake being made.
There the bench is set, with all the ingredients.
Plus there is an order to add them together.
First the dry ingredients, then lumpy and then liquid..
What if you add them together in a different order…
Liquid first then lumpy.. well nothing mixes, then add dry ingredients and you get bigger lumps…
Communication is like that..
Follow the order of communication, mix things together that will mix well, bring in other ingredients when the mixture is ready and finally finish the process by cooking, cooling and then adding the finishing touches….
The cake of communication comes out bright and delicious.
Choose to communicate in a different way, mix the items together in a different way and well, the result will be somewhat of a disaster..
Communicating through co-creating takes time, effort and commitment to authenticity, integrity and connection.
I know you can do it.
What could you communicate and co-create today?

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