Communicate, Collaborate, Co-Create

You would think that this would be the way the world should be today?

It’s simple we have an idea, we communicate it with others, they collaborate and then we co-create.

Now this is meant to happen in most relationships.

We like someone, we tell them, they agree, decisions and choices are formed and made. Then a family is co-created.


But so very complex.

The divorce rate today whilst dropping is still a clear indicator that we are still not getting it right.

So how do we actually get it right?

The secret is in the title.


Now to communicate actively means not only to talk, write or voice your opinion, it means that you much actively listen, understand, evaluate and consider.

When you place those 4 not so secret ingredients into any situation, the outcome is a solution that enables the co-creation to occur.

Take a typical couple in a long term relationship.

They want a holiday. He wants to go to Italy, whilst she wants to go to the Caribbean.

How do they choose? Does he simply give in? Does she voice her opinion and override his desires?

When you look more closely and ask 1 simple question to both of them. “Why do you choose (Italy/Caribbean) for your holiday?

Then she explains how she wants to visit the sun drenched shores, walk on white sandy beaches, stay in a luxury resort all while relaxing working on her tan.

Then he explains how he wants to discover the ancient history of Rome, to see the monuments, to taste fantastic pizza and pasta dishes all washed down with Italian wine.

If you look at what they are both asking for, if you actively listen to their needs, they both want deep emotional experiences that stimulate their minds, body and souls.

They both want essentially the same thing, yet are describing different methods of achieving it.

The understanding and the evaluation mean that a simple suggestion is that they visit Italy in the summer and visit a resort on the Mediterranean sea, so that She can have her style of experience and He his. Alternatively they visit the Caribbean and combine it with a historically researched adventure for him, this could be the Mayan ruins in Mexico or Belize, or other collaborative solutions that give them both the experience they desire.

Communication is ALWAYS THE SOLUTION.

When you Communicate, Collaborate & Co-Create Miracles Can Happen.

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