Click Click React. What Triggers You?

Many people blame all sorts of situations for their reactions.

The most popular one is “insert planet name here” is in retrograde, that’s the cry of the so-called spiritual movement to use as an excuse for fucking things up, for making mistakes or for just not getting out of bed and doing anything constructive.

Now really, is life all about blaming an external object or some other unarguable excuse? Then if you ask the person claiming it’s to blame what the excuse means, the answer you get is often hilariously wrong, because sadly they don’t actually understand what happens and its a convenient “excuse” to not take responsibility for our own actions????

Hmm, do you think I might be “triggered” here?

I have a wonderful range of triggers and some are good, some are not so good, yet all are real, all are what they are in the moment. When I react, I am authentic in my reaction. I respond how I choose to respond. In some cases yes I will explode or be angry or sad or happy or any other reaction I want and boy is that fun to do.

Yes sometimes we all need to explode. Let the pressure out, vent the steam build ups. Most of the time, I calmly respond in an empowering way. But every now and again, I strike as a snake attacking its next meal. I take you down, swallow you whole and spit you out before you know what hit you. Oh and I thoroughly enjoyed it too. Whats that? I enjoyed attacking and devouring you? Yes. Sometimes we have to express the shadows of our emotions, those dark ones that so many try to hide.

Oh you can’t be angry and be spiritual… Yes you can – to be spiritual means to live all your emotions

Oh spiritual people only give love… No they don’t. I can show you thousands of “so called spiritual” people who are a bundle of mess inside.

Oh but what about…… – lets face it, the excuses are simply bullshit.

Our place in these human bodies is to experience and master ALL OUR EMOTIONS, not suppress the ones that are a bit icky…

What triggers you?

A public disaster event you see on Television?

An ad or comment on Facebook?

The words spoken about you by your friends/lover/partner?

The actions taken by someone you trust or thought you trusted?

The government…

The Banks…

The Legal system…

Each of these are triggers yes, but you are the one who reacts to them.

Those reactions, are yours and your responsibility alone.

Yep, you are it!

If you are angry, be angry and proud. Understand the why and be responsible for the reaction.

If you are sad, be sad and embrace it. Understand the why and be responsible for the reaction.

If you are “insert emotion here” then for goodness sake live it. Then understand the why and be responsible for the reaction.

This time the finger is pointing at you.

It doesn’t matter what others do, say, think, act or feel.

You choose what you think, say, do, feel and act.

Or do you?????

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