Be Unique, Be Different, Be YOU

The challenges we face in today’s society are many. It seems that there is competition everywhere.

In every place you look there are examples.

Billboards screaming for attention.

Advertisements everywhere you look.

Shop windows, Car Bumpers, T-Shirts, even the emblems on your underwear are advertisements wanting you to pay attention to them.

Then there are those that make the noise More Public. More TV, More Gossip, More In Our Faces….

The TV Star who punches a photographer, the singer who shaves her head, a singer who is a christian but kisses girls and likes it, the Hollywood psychic who shares information that is publicly available, the prince who had an affair and then his princess was “killed”, The big M symbol, the red fizzy drink, the big white “f” on a blue background.

All these and so much more are all “competing” for our attention.

But Why?

Why do they compete when each is unique in its own way.

That singer who kissed a girl is mega talented..

That Hollywood Psychic has the opportunity of a lifetime to teach the world what Psychics can do…

That big M symbol brings happiness to millions of children every day..

The big white “f” on a Blue background is the largest community on the planet, bigger than the biggest country…

Then there is us…

You and I…

Are we Different?  Hell YES

Are we Unique?  Hell YES

Are we the same as everyone ele?  Hell NO

We are uniquely ourselves. That means we must never forget who we are.

Stop comparing yourself to others, Stop comparing yourself to “the perceptions”, “the lies”, “the beliefs”, “the values” of others.

Start today by being YOU.

Uniquely YOU.

Your life will thank you for it.


It’s The Only Way To Live.

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