Always Remembered As A Hero

As she left her job, she didn’t know she was being watched. He followed her in the darkness. The lateness of night and the poorly lit streets creating the perfect hiding places.

Grabbing her just before she entered her apartment building, she screamed, she struggled, she thought quickly.
Her mind racing to protect her sister and child inside, she convinced him there were better places to enjoy her body.
The ensuing tragedy of assault became even more violent as she identified who he was. Such a high profile that the real killer’s details could not be made public.

A Psychic Investigation can lead to evidence that is the truth, yet what happens when that truth is known?
Families destroyed, well some families are already destroyed by the criminal action.

What about Justice and Prosecution?
That is the job of the authorities.

What about closure and grief counseling?
That is where a Psychic Investigation has additional consultations and counselling built in to the process. Where a criminal act cannot be brought to justice, closure must occur for the devastated families to continue.

What about the victim?
They come through with the answers guiding Jayc on the journey of discovery and understanding. As he sees through their eyes the last moments of their life, the darkness always shows the light.

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