Advertise Yourself With Authenticity, Integrity and Evidence

Yep it’s advertising time.
Why advertise? Well it’s simple. Who is telling your story and helping you attract new clients, new business, new income opportunities, new lifestyle choices, new families to assist, new behaviors to learn, new outcomes?
When you show yourself to the world, there will always be those who support, who ignore, who love, who dislike, who understand and those who don’t believe.
When you listen to all of them and change who you are in order to “make them happy” you remove your personal power, your personal integrity, your personal choice.
Always be you, no matter who or what others want you to be.
I have helped people for over 20+ years and during that time, I changed myself in order to make “others happy”.
That “desire to be liked” was a brain washing that had occurred every moment since I was born.

The media brain wash us

Our Families brain wash us

Our Friends brain wash us

Our Employers and Customers brain wash us

Our churches and spiritual organisations brain wash us

Some forms of brain washing works positively for us. Most I would believe are toilet trained. That training was a form of Brain washing, albeit positive, you can see the results of it in public bathrooms today. Some are quite disgusting, so you have to observe and ask yourself, did the “training” or “brain washing” work? I recently used an airport bathroom and saw men leaving without washing their hands, they were basically spreading fecal matter all over the airport and so what happened to them? Why did they choose to “dump their Sh*t all over their environment without consideration for others or themselves”?

Were they rebelling against their brain washing because of the techniques that were used?

Were they rebelling against their brain washing because of a trauma they had not dealt with?

Were they simply a “Fu*k the world I don’t care” kinda person?

What ever it was, the story they are advertising about themselves is one of low self respect, low self esteem, and most importantly that they are not openly showing how much they love themselves.

Advertise today how much you love yourself, with Authenticity, Integrity and Evidence.

Watch how you receive that same amount back.

Watch also how you receive the complete opposite from others.

Watch how you want to respond, react and reply.

If you must respond, respond authentically with love.

If you must react, react using integrity with love.

If you must reply, reply showing with evidence how much you love.

How can you advertise how much you love yourself today with Authenticity, Integrity and Evidence?


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