Accident Or Murder?

This may be disturbing for you…
Whilst resting tonight I received a message written in Russian from a Lady in Ukraine who has seen me on TV. She was asking for my help investigating a terrible accident. In this accident a young woman who had been out on a night of fun was walking with some young men and then suddenly she was hit by a car and killed instantly.
A Psychic Investigation of this nature is always upsetting. Even more so when I understood the date of the accident happening was 2 days after my surgery and Near Death Experience last year.
My results, well publicly I can tell you that I could see the girl struggling with her arms out and she was very angry. Then I saw her feet lose connection with the ground and darkness. Her life was over.
Did I answer the questions this Lady was asking?
  • Was she pushed?
  • Was it an Accident or Murder?
  • Were the boys with her at fault and which one was it?
  • What else happened that night?
There were others that for confidentiality I won’t disclose here
When I use my abilities as a Psychic investigator I have a responsibility to be authentic, gather evidence and to be compassionate to those asking the questions.
Sometimes the answers are not pleasant and can be considered controversial until I show the evidence that confirms the details.
Its been an interesting night, I gave her answers, my client is satisfied, her grief has been calmed and answers were given with evidence that I could not have known.
Oh and for those wondering about money. I did this from the goodness of my heart.
Do I do all Investigations like this? No. Many investigations can take 3-7 days of meditating, processing and connecting. These I charge a fair amount for considering the time and energy involved.
I get Answers to the most difficult situations. I have investigated Murders, Criminal acts, Kidnappings, Bombings, Rapes, Mystical Situations, and many more. In each case I had the Answers and the evidence to confirm them.
It is a gift and a blessing when I get to bring Answers to families, Answers that instill peace back into their hearts, bodies and souls.
Sometimes the truth hurts, but it heals far better than lies.

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