Connection and Channelling

A lifetime of connection made Jayc Ryder different to other children. His gifts were never understood as a child and so it wasn’t until his early 20′s that Jayc started to discover what his gifts and abilities were. Now almost 30 years later Jayc Ryder is a master of energetic connection, alignment, chakras, channeling and much much more.

Jayc Ryder has the ability to connect with Angels, with ghosts of loved ones past, with Angelic Beings of Light, to travel through time and space, both forward into the future and back into the past, plus to travel into the past lives of his clients. His energetic gifts include Chakra cleansing, Chakra balancing, Energetic Alignment, Crystal Healing and Jayc’s own method of Dynamic Kinetic Discovery ™, where Jayc analyzes your DNA, re-energizes each cell and balances your Celestial Order. For more intensive healing Jayc restructures your Pulsation Program providing clarity and vitality using his unique “Pulsation Program Power Potency Healing Process”.

With his connection to the Angelic being of light Rozana, Jayc Ryder is able to channel deep intuitive and insightful messages. These messages can be motivational, uplifting, and always cut through the noise that is in the heads of his clients, allowing them to discover their passion, their purpose, and who they really are.

The incredible journey Jayc has been on over almost 30 years has provided him with the foundation for the processes he now teaches. Based on personal experiences of transformation and real emotional, physical and spiritual experiences – Today Jayc can be considered as someone genuine to listen to, when it comes to Intuitive guidance for living your unique passion and understanding your purpose.

Author – Shhh, The Answers are Inside…
Jayc has received reports from readers of tears in their eyes and how they were captivated when they read Jayc’s latest book “Shhh, The Answers Are Inside”.
A revealing combination of Jayc’s story showing how he discovered the truth in his connection and channeled questions and answers from LoveInLight/Rozana.

Jayc Ryder’s book Shhh, The Answers are Inside, leaves a lasting impression on anyone who embraces his teachings and that could be you as you journey to discovering your own lasting Passion, Purpose & Insight.

Public Speaker, Business Keynote Speaker, Spiritual, Inspirational & Motivational Speaker
A dynamic public speaker, Jayc Ryder is becoming a sought after member of the International Speaking Circuit.
With current invitations to speak in Indonesia, Singapore, Sweden, Russia, UK, USA and Australia, his business knowledge combined with his Psychic connection, plus his dynamic personality makes a speech by Jayc Ryder entertaining, educational, informational and inspiring.

The audience for Jayc is not a group of people at a distance, they become active participants with Jayc engaging their connection.

His audiences have commented on how much they enjoyed listening and participating with Jayc and how he surprised them with his topics. From his on stage success this has meant invitations to appear in magazines, radio and other TV shows.

Private Psychic Investigations
Jayc has also provided Private Investigation services for his clients.
These sessions are often many hours of deep channeling, connection and investigation. Jayc always provides the truth, the answers, he discovers exactly what happened and why.

This information can be confronting to clients, however Jayc Ryder has the unique ability of being a human lie detector, and so he always uncovers the truth.

Psychic Investigation appointments are on an application basis only and due to the special nature of the investigation Jayc reserves the right to refuse any application without question.

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