Jayc Ryder

Who is Jayc Ryder?

Your life, relationships and business will never be the same after meeting Jayc Ryder. His unique ability to communicate from an incredible place of love and passion makes the interactions you will experience completely different in more ways than you could imagine.

Providing almost instantaneous transformational breakthroughs through conversation has enabled Jayc to be a unique force in the Business of Coaching, Relationships, Personal and Business Development. 


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Strong international partnerships

A highly popular Star of Reality TV in Ukraine and having been seen on TV by over 100+Million viewers on the International Russian Cable Network, Jayc Ryder an incredible fan base plus strong partnerships.

Including in the USA, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Ukraine, plus many others. Those fans and partnerships are very loyal.

A master story teller & inspirational speaker

That passion for communication came at a very young age. This originally labeled "shy" man threw off the label the only way he knew how. By speaking in public at every opportunity. 

Running Dance classes, MC'ing events, Speaking on stages all over the USA & Australia, Jayc Ryder is a Master Story Teller, Audience Engagement expert and trainer of Public Speaking to his clients. 

Co-creating inspirational projects

With a strong Business background, Jayc has co-created online & physical businesses with some of the worlds best and most creative entrepreneurs. His ability to map out the implications of every idea, means that no stone is left un-turned. So that success in business is the real destination. With co-created million dollar businesses behind him, this experience and knowledge is incredibly valuable in itself.



Bitva Ekstrasensiv

A Hit Reality Show In Ukraine. Available Worldwide On The Russian Cable Network. The Number 2 Show In Rating's For Ukraine. Jayc Ryder Was Voted Into 3rd Place.


Love Lessons TV

Jayc Ryder Is Proud To Present The Hottest TV Show On Roku & Amazon Today Dedicated To Learning About Love In All It's Forms. 

Jayc Ryder - TV Host Psychic Investigations Ukraine

Investigations Leading Ekstrasens

As One Of The Two Hosts Per Investigative Episode, Jayc Ryder Solved Many Of The Mysteries With Evidence Only He Could Deliver.

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