From $15 an Hour to $3000 an Hour. A Coaching Success Story.

I love to share others success, especially when I was actually an important part of it.
One of my coaching clients came to me with the usual problem. Working a 9-5 job that turned into a 9-9 job, plus was a solo mum with no love life, her mother saw more of the kids than she did.
She wanted something to change. She wanted everything to change.
A couple of sessions with me and there was a clear instruction for life given and understood.
3 weeks later, I am walking towards my local supermarket and next thing you know there is a gorgeous smiling woman jumping on me hugging me tightly.
It was my coaching client.
My shoulder become wet as her tears flow, thanking me. They were tears of joy. She then proceeded to tell me the story of how my words, my coaching had changed her life. The phone at her job rang one day inviting her to a new experience. She remembered my words and followed through.  
That follow through was a major breakthrough for her. Little did she realize at the time what was about to happen.

This was a large company, inviting her to create a specialized business. One that she would be sole supplier in the geographic area for a vital health program. The income change for her new business meant that instead of being paid $15 an hour, she would receive $3000 per hour.

Life changing, hell yeah.

Naturally, she left her job and has a thriving profitable business that rewards her handsomely.
As for the love life, she met a new man whilst working in the new business and well as they say in fairy tales, yet this is the truth, they lived happily ever after…
What do you need to hear in order to change to the life you desire?

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